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Mio Shape Watch (sports watch)
This watch is great for the serious fitness person. Not just runners but anyone that wants
views: 98 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 1:29
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Aero Garden
If you love to garden but don’t have the space or just want a super controlled environment
views: 302 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 1:14
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Fender Acoustasonic Guitar
basically its your fender strat but with a hollowed out core for the acoustic sound. For p
views: 213 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 2:42
video rating:
Ibanez Artist Guitar
Plays just as nice, sounds amost as good and is about a 1/3 the price of the higher end gu
views: 178 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 1:17
video rating:
Kustom Sienna 35 Amp
a great little amp. I use on my acoustasonic, its great for when you have a slightly large
views: 328 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 1:09
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Yamaha SJ550 Guitar
This guitar plays really clean. Great for blues, easy to play. Great price, great quality,
views: 518 Watch the Nuuvy duration: 1:08
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